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Corporate offer

Funds for corporations

We also address our vast spectrum of products to corporations seeking higher returns on financial assets portfolio without the need to define the maturity of such assets while retaining high liquidity.

Benefits from allocating corporate assets to investment funds include:

  • potentially higher profitability in medium and longer term compared to traditional corporate banking products,
  • constant access to assets while retaining high liquidity (the funds are on the account a few days after the transaction),

  • dedicated online trading platform,

  • delayed tax obligation date – capital gains tax is calculated from the moment of withdrawal of money from the fund,

  • lower transaction costs compared to direct investments in debt instruments,

  • diversification of risk – various markets, various types of financial instruments and indirect investments (FOF),

  • security – in accordance with the law, an investment fund cannot declare bankruptcy and the market is supervised by a state institution – Polish Financial Supervision Authority,

  • easy financial management – no need to monitor and roll over, as it is the case with maturing deposits; easy access to capital, Client’s management of their own investment strategies.

If you would like to call us or meet to discuss our solutions further, please contact us at:


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