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60% to 100% of the Subfund’s portfolio are equities of Polish companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, mostly companies with small to medium capitalization. The remaining funds are invested in debt securities and money market instruments, mostly the ones issued or guaranteed by the State Treasury or the National Bank of Poland.

Investment in the Subfund offers the opportunity to obtain an attractive rate of return at high risk of capital loss. The Subfund is addressed to investors interested in investment products with high share of equities of small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular to investors interested in long-term savings. Investment horizon should be at least 3 years.

Level of risk

Lower risk
Potentially lower return
Higher risk
Potentially higher return


Anna Otręba-Górecka

Manages: Millennium Open Investment Fund Equity Subfund, Millennium Open–End Investment Fund Dynamic Subfund.

Graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, Department of Finance and Banking, and Department of Quantitative Methods and Information Systems. In 2007, she was awarded the title of Chartered Financial Analyst. From August 2005 to April 2007, she was employed in Powszechne Towarzystwo Emerytalne Pekao Pioneer S.A. as Equity Analyst, and between 2004 and 2005 she worked for Dom Maklerski TMS Brokers S.A.


Mirosław Dziółko

Manages: Millennium Open Investment Fund Equity Subfund, Millennium Open Investment Fund Economic Trend Subfund, Millennium Open Investment Fund Stable Growth Subfund, Millennium Open–End Investment Fund Dynamic Subfund, Millennium Specialized Open Investment Fund Absolute Return Subfund.

Graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Kielce University of Technology. His career on the capital market had begun already in 1995, when he was employed in the Brokerage Office of BGŻ S.A. as Securities Broker and later as Analyst. Asset manager since 1997. At first, he managed the Brokerage Office's own assets; in 1999, he started providing asset management services at the Portfolio Management Division of BM BGŻ S.A., where he also held the position of the Division Head. Fund manager at the Millennium Group since November 2002. Head of Asset Management Department at Millennium TFI since 2009.



(As of: 2018-12-11)


Rate of return for a selected period

Valuation date
Participation unit value

Rates of return in PLN:


Subfund description:

Launched on:2007-04-03
Subfund’s assets as of 2018-11-30:59 546 039 PLN
Minimum first payment amount:100 PLN
Subsequent payment amount:500 PLN - under PSO (single subfund plan): PLN 100 - under PSO (multi-subfund plan – payment to one subfund): PLN 50- under IKE: PLN 100
Management fee:4,00%
Transfer agent:ProService Agent Transferowy
Depositary:Bank Millennium S.A.

Asset structure:

(As of: 2018-10-31)



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Fact sheets

Investing in mutual funds involves risk of loss as well as the obligation to pay fees and tax. The Fund does not guarantee the investment objective or specific investment result. The value of net assets of Millennium Funds is or may be characterised by high volatility due to the composition of investment portfolios. The issuer, the guarantor or the guarantor of securities representing more than 35% of the assets of Millennium Funds (excluding the Millennium SFIO) may be the Treasury, National Bank of Poland, the U.S. government, the European Central Bank or the European Investment Bank. The full description of Millennium Funds, including a description of risk factors is contained in prospectuses and Key Investor Information Documents of individual Funds are available in branches of Bank Millennium S.A., in the seat of Millennium TFI S.A and in the sales points.


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